Monthly Archives: August 2014

It’s mid-August in Dubai and that means we have just endured another scorching hot summer in the Middle East. Last June was my 7th year in this metropolis and I’ve come a long way since being that gal who’s a little green behind the ears.

I now know Dubai in my sleep. I cuss at taxi drivers when they’re disrespectful and know where to find the good eats. Whenever I go away for a while , I find myself missing this place. My little home in an address that I can’t be proud of but I still feel grateful because I couldn’t have had a better life.

These last few months really got me wondering and I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this might be as far as I can go. In my mind, I feel like I can still reach places if I really want to but it feels like I’ve clipped my own wings. Like I’m just wandering around in this transient place without any idea where I’m headed to next.

I need some clues please. A sign? A raging storm in this extremely boring life.