Monthly Archives: November 2013

Normal range at last!!!!   It’s been days since I’ve been stuck in this weight but today I chose to see the positive side of things instead.
It’s been two months of eating healthily. I still crave all the greasy stuff but the leafy greens are much welcomed by my body now.

My weight loss has been moving at a glacial pace now but again, I’m not going to focus on that now but instead celebrate the disgusting layers of lard I have lost since I started: 11 kilos!

I’m in no mood to blog today because of the devastations that happened in my country because of typhoon Haiyan and I’m still grieving from the huge number of lives lost due to this calamity. But we will persevere. We will rise again from this fall. I’m just relieved that my hometown was spared from the worst and the family is happy and well back home.