Monthly Archives: September 2013


The lightest I’ve ever been was 105 lbs.and that was more than a decade ago when I was still in high school. Since then I have ballooned to a horrific 158lbs. After coming back from a 10 day cruise in the Baltic region, I just couldn’t take it anymore. My husband and I took more than a thousand pictures during our vacation but I can only count with my hands the ones that I’m proud of. I had to either hide behind someone, a furniture or overload on a scarves to hide all evidence of gluttony.And It doesn’t help that I have inherited my dad’s really round face and my cheeks were starting to droop like a bulldog.

There is always a turning point in stopping one’s bad habit and that was the exact moment for me. I used to be pretty before but now everyone who sees me after a decade of absence can only comment discreetly about how I look like I am a) enjoying the married life and b) being well loved (read between the lines: You’re FAT!)

So a couple weeks back, I chanced upon a blog touching on the Cohen’s diet. I’ve always been one for the skeptics and never have faith on all these fad diets. In my mind, it’s another way of conning people like me to shell out cash. But this person, who spoke about her experience was a credible personality in the Philippines and I doubt if she will endorse this diet if she did not get the desired effect. She lost 15 pounds while on the diet in a month. I started researching since then but the price tag is quite hefty and there are no available clinics in my current location. With a little more digging, I found someone’s sample diet plan on some blog. I know that they highly discourage people from using other people’s plan because it’s suppose to be customized to your blood test but I thought to give it a dry run and see what happens .There are no medications what so over – It’s just a meal plan so I thought, the worst thing that can really happen is for me to faint while hopelessly trying to reach the next McDonald’s due to relapse. I took one look at the plan, went excitedly to the grocery and have been eating healthily since.

It’s day 13 and I’ve lost 9.92 pounds from just following the stolen plan. Eeeek. Not bad! I know it’s a dishonest thing and I should have probably gone and paid for the real deal but why should I, when everything is working just fine?

It’s like downloading music from pirate bay instead of paying for it in itunes. I mean common, who pays for music these days?

I know it’s a guarded secret but it’s just like taking free advice from a good friend. In this case, GOOGLE you will always be my best friend.

So friends, I’ll update you real soon if the stolen plan will continue to work wonders for me. And if you would like to take the risk and try it yourself, feel free to sound off in the comment board and I shall email it across.Albeit with a small caveat, I am not a health expert and for those with other health conditions, it’s best if you check with your doctor or nutritionist first before you embark on this journey. Better be safe than sorry.